Sandford Studios Professional Picture Framing

Now that you have had Sandford Studios create the perfect photograph for you, what better way to make this picture stand out than to have a professional picture framer custom build a picture frame for you.

A picture frame can make or break a great image, why spend all that money having a professional photographer, photograph your special occasion and then frame the picture in a frame that will not complement it.

We at Sandford studios serving the Valley Stream community and the Greater New York area for over 36 years are renowned for customer satisfaction and we believe we can assist you in choosing the best possible surround to frame your picture, photographs and cherished artwork to ensure the perfect complement to your home, office or gallery and make that perfect picture stand out for all to see.

With a large selection of different moldings in a variety of finishes, materials and profiles each picture, photograph or cherished artwork is given individualized attention to determine which frames, mats and other treatments will work best. Once the perfect picture frame is selected, we custom build you picture frame on the premises taking great care to make it defect or blemish free.

For pictures, photographs and cherished artwork that require unique custom frame sizes rely on Sandford studios for your professional picture frames. For more details on custom picture frames Contact Sandford Studios.

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